April 2021

Best Feature Documentary:

1st Place:
Searching For Skylab: America’s Forgotten Triumph
Directed by Dwight Steven-Boniecki

2nd Place:
The Judge - Character, Cases, Courage
Directed by Robert Griffith

3rd Place:
Sam: To Denmark with Love
Directed by Richard Heard

Best Short Documentary:

Saigon Sentinal
Directed by Chris Nolekuhlmann

Best Animated Short:
Directed by Morgan Powell

Best Short Film:

1st Place:
UnWelcomed Justice
Directed by Courtlin D. Fields

2nd Place:
Coffee With Exes
Directed by Brett A. Hart

3rd Place:
Echoes of Kerberos
Directed by Ross Kolton

Best Feature Script:

1st Place:
Pleasure The Gorilla
Written by Adam Korsak

2nd Place:
The Postcard
Witten by Mike Sorrinni

3rd Place:
The Purifying Angel
Written by. Margarida Moreira

Honorable Mention:
Kiss My Black Ass
Written by David Rosenthal

Best Pilot Script:
Written by Carmen Mosley

Best Short Film Script:

1st Place:
Fatal Ambition
Written by Angel Conell

2nd Place:
Deliverance in Faith
Written by Beatrice Malave

3rd Place:
Hobgiblin Gennel
Written by James Fitzmaurice

Best Actor:
Courtlin D. Fields
For UnWelcomed Justice

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